Proximity: nearness in space, time, or relationship. So many people have heard about the Lord without knowing who He is. Through misunderstandings, hurts and untruthful communications about the Lord, many stand afar off and try to examine who He is from this distance.  However to know the fullness of the love of God it requires proximity. It requires nearness, taking time to know Him, learn who He is and to experience His love.  A Journey to Fire is dedicated to assisting those who chose to read the stories and studies and draw near.

Journey to Fire: the process of allowing the love of the Lord to set your heart on fire as demonstrated by the fullness God fueling your everyday living.  There is only one way to live a full life and that is to know the love of the Lord. To know His patience, kindness, His correction and His greatness.

I hope that you will read these stories and studies and take time to really get to know who the Lord is.

Happy Reading.