The Day I Understood His Love

The teacher moved the flannel version of the three wise men across the board. I’m sitting in the back of the classroom intently listening to the teacher tell us about this baby named Jesus. She proceeds with the lessons and mentions the word “sin”. I know that word because my mom said that’s what happens when I do something bad. Somehow I understand the teacher. I understood that this sin is keeping me from the adult Jesus and His Father. That they love me. They love me even more then my parents. I feel their love even though I don’t understand how. Tears slide down my face, over my soft cheeks and onto my dress. I can’t stop looking and listening to the teacher. She explains that the Father; the one I somehow know is creating the intense feeling of acceptance, peace, security, importance and belonging is drawing me close to Him. She explained that because sin kept me away from the Father He sent His Son to die for me. Tears welling in my eyes caused the flannel Jesus to become blurry, but I could still hear the message. She was stating that because of the power of the Holy Spirit Jesus did not stay dead. He rose back to life. I couldn’t help but smile through my silent tears. I was so relived to know that He was alive. The teacher asked if anyone wanted to make Jesus Lord of their lives. Again unsure of how I could understand that she meant I would give Him my whole life, every part and every future day. That He would guide me and that my only task was to love Him and obey. His love was so intense in my heart I felt like it was going to explode. When she asked for those who wanted to make the decision to live a life fully for the Lord to raise their hands, mine shot up and the tears flowed uncontrollably. I want Him; I want to always live with Him in my life. I wanted to call out to the teacher and proclaim, “I want Him!” She called my parents to come in and she prayed with me.

This was the day I chose to follow Christ. I experienced His love. I knew He was real and I knew I only wanted to live a life full of Him. It was this day in the third year of my life that would set the course for the rest of my life. Not everyday is peaches and cream, but the mark His love left on my life has never wavered.


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