Back Road Drive

When I was younger we lived in the country. Miles from the city. As teenagers we use to drive between towns using the backroads. Good friends, trusted driver, windows down causing the wind to whip across your face. All the things that the teenage mind worried about floated somewhere back in civilization. Good music. Can’t forget the music thumping through speakers not created for that level of bass. Bump, bump, crack, bump. I enjoyed being the driver. But being the passenger was the best. There was no need to be alert. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. We were gonna get where we neePlaceholder Imageded to go. Today I’ve been thinking about how, when we let the Lord truly be Lord of our lives it’s so similar to those backroad drives. You know He’s gonna get you where you need to go. Be the passenger. Relax. Let the wind whip across your face. The worries of the adult mind can float away,somewhere behind you. Oh, and the music. Can’t forget the music of worship playing through a life that was meant to play it. When I get in the “car” with the Lord as the driver and truly relax as a passenger. The best it can be described is joy, true joy.

Soundtrack for today: Background By Lecrae


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