The Voice in the Crowd

You may be familiar with the childhood experience of a toy or clothing catching your eye while in a shopping center, then venturing off from your parents to go investigate it. Of course after satisfying your curiosity you look up and your parents have moved on. Have you ever located your parents by their laugh, cough, a personal saying or their tone of voice? This was my experience throughout my childhood. I would look up from my curiosity driven adventure and my family would have moved onto another isle in the store. Fortunately my dad had a distinct cough. Each time we were out and about and I had separated from him, I would use this cough to locate him in the store. I would also use his voice or laugh. How is it that I was able to distinguish his laugh from someone else’s laugh? Is he the only person who laughs in that way? Is the world full of unison laughers and my dad is off beat? Of course not, everyone has distinction in their voice.

So how did I know it was him? I’ve heard his voice a million times. When I got up in the morning there it was “Jessica time to get up!” When I tripped and fell “Jessica are you alright?” or when I was out of line. “Jessica, now don’t do that.” It’s no wonder when I was walking down the produce isle in the supermarket and heard “Wow these onions sure look delicious.” I recognize the voice that has been there all along.

The same is true of hearing the voice of God. It comes from spending time with Him. It comes from allowing Him to be apart of your waking up, your laying down, your playing, your correcting and your encouraging. A real relationship with the Lord only comes through proximity with Him. It’s in the everyday times that we learn who He is. What matters to Him. How deep His love is for us. It’s where we learn to distinguish His voice form all the others. That way if you ever find yourself looking for Him or if He calls to you, you will recognize His voice because you have had many conversations with Him and have spent much time with Him.

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**I love my dad




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