Serve God for God

We come to the Lord through an understanding of His love for us and the sacrifice He paid for our sins. As we continue living on this earth we find ourselves shaken by different things. Sometimes these situations cause us to drift away from God.  Maybe we experienced a friend stabbing us in the back. Or our financial situation becomes difficult. Or your family situation gets messy. Theses situations can seem unbearable and are truly difficult. The challenge is to remember that these are not reasons to walk away from the Lord. We must serve God for God. We gave our lives to Him because we learned about His love for us. Life situations do not change that Love. Our desire to serve the Lord has to come form His love for us and our love for Him. If it is going to be lasting it cannot be based on seeking blessings. See when we build our relationship with God on the things of this world that crumble and fail we will draw close and walk away based off the instability of those things.  But when we build our relationship with the Lord on His love that never fails, we will have stability in our relationship throughout life’s challenges.  The Bible calls the Lord a strong tower that the righteous run into and are saved. So as you build your relationship with the Lord make sure it stays focused on Him. Serve Him for who He is not what He does.



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