Uniquely His

This week I’ve been pondering the beauty of God’s creation. If you examine all the individual details of creation. How every snowflake is uniquely different.  If you look at the ocean and how the eco system is precariously balanced to sustain life. The
mystery of the human body built cell upon cell, each part with individual purpose yet part of the whole. Taking time to examine the plant world in it’s billions of variation. Each flower painted with it’s own beauty. You see purpose and plan in every detail. This is the God of the Bible. And of all creation He created us in His image. He breathed life into us. He created us with our own specific design. Not just in our human bodies, but in our gifting, calling, personalities and purposes.

My heart has been overwhelmed this week thinking about people who have not met the Lord, but have been told many lies about Him. One of those lies is that to serve Him, to give your life to Him means to conform to a set of standards that gthumb_IMGP1851_1024rind against who God has created them to be. Some might call it a “cookie cutter” Christian.  God does call us to a life set apart for Him. Serving Him allows the life He breathed in us way back in the garden to flow freely. It brings life! He takes those places that are hurt, wounded, lifeless and He brings them to life. For those that are in the arts He expands your artistic vision and abilities to a new level. The leaders He gives you vision you’ve never dreamed of. To the dads and moms He teaches you how to raise strong men and women. To the music artist He is the creator of music and there’s nothing like learning from Him.  My prayer is that people would see the Lord and His purpose for their lives clearly and that the lies would fall away. I pray that they can walk in the freedom that comes from knowing the Love of the Lord.

The other group of people that have been on my mind are those that have met the Lord. Those that at one point had felt His breath of life in their lives. Those who cauthumb_IMGP1870_1024ght fire(passion) for the Lord. Those who experienced His love and have never been the same. Those who through interactions with people who only knew about the Lord  but do not know Him were taught “don’t be so excited”, “don’t be to loud”, “dress so, so”, “talk this way”, “sing that way”.  The interactions that preoccupied their mind and heart and caused them to stifle the breath of life that was from God. No shame, Many people have found themselves here. For you I pray that you will call out to God again. To breathe fresh in your heart. To step out again in the passions that God placed in your heart. That business idea, that humanitarian aid, become that doctors, mechanic, the ideas to love your neighbor, the wild passionate display of your love for your God.

I truly believe that if people encounter the love of God their lives will be changed forever. Be the unique child of God He has created you to be. No fear. Freely walking in your purpose.

A few examples of people doing what God has called them to do.

Music and Spoken Word- Dillion Chase and David Bowden

Humanitarian Aid, Science, Botanist, Business People all working together- Bridge of Zion

Retirement Homes- Heritage Communities

Business Men & Women- Kingdom Business Association

Please keep in mind these are just examples. It’s important to first come to know the Lord. Then second as you spend time with the Lord, ask Him. What’s my purpose and begin to walk in it.


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