Blue Bouncy Ball

The bible says in Luke 12:7 “Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.” He had earlier stated that not one sparrow falls to the ground without Him noticing. It never ceases to amaze me that the God of the universe is interested in the everyday dealings of our lives. He has demonstrated this many times in my life. One such time was back when I was working as a Security Screening Supervisor in the Austin, TX airport. This particular day had been quite crazy. It had been a day of irate passengers and disgruntled employees. To top the cake I was working the 3am shift and started this crazy day exhausted. I found myself having a particularly hard time being cheerful. Let’s just say as much as I wanted to I was not exuding the love of Christ. I oversaw three checkpoints and would rotate throughout the day between each checkpoint. On my way to the next checkpoint I headed into one of the little shops to get a drink. While standing in line I noticed they were selling blue bouncy balls. Not just any blue bouncy ball but ones that lit up with each bounce. This was the level of desperation. I was all about anything that added a little light to my day. As a kid I would collect all types of bouncy ball. I was always draw to things that lit up and well the icing on the cake was that they were blue, my favorite color. No sooner had I picked one up then I heard God say “Don’t buy it.” I thought “Uh…What? I have the money and what does God care if I buy a bouncy ball? “ I asked the Lord “Are You really trying to hinder what little light I have in my day?” All I heard in reply was “Don’t buy it.” With a eye roll and a “fine!” I threw down the ball and walked out. That moment of light gone. I was really in a funk now. The day continued and it wasn’t getting any better. More work less resource was the outcome of my managers meeting. I wasn’t winning in the passenger, employee or management support departments.


Only a few hours left in my shift and I was heading down the concourse to the next checkpoint. As I neared the food court I saw a man standing by his gate. He was had his business suit on, computer bag slung over his shoulder and he was bouncing one of those blue bouncy balls. He was about 75ft away from where I was standing rehashing why God, my heavenly Father had made such a deal about a “stupid ball”. I muttered under my breath, “Nice Ball” The man somehow heard me and said “Yeah it is isn’t it?” With that he bounced the ball across the food court and right to me. “You can have it.” I stood holding the very ball I had intended to purchase earlier. My mouth dropped for a few seconds. I looked back up to where the man had been standing across the food court and by his gate. He was no longer there. In awe I continued my walk to the checkpoint. The rest of my day didn’t miraculously get better, but I didn’t care. The God of the universe, the one that hung the stars, doesn’t care about a “stupid ball”, He cares about me. He went out of His way to set me up to know once again that He loves me. He cares that I like little blue light up bouncy balls. He’s a personal God that takes time to demonstrate His love to His children.

Psalms 139:5-6


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