Goblets of Glory

I wanted to share a story I wrote about a random adventure my mom and I had a few years back. This post is a tribute to my mother, she is an amazing person. For those that know her please post a comment of a time you had fun together or she inspired you.


Mom and I went on a grand adventure! We geared up at the house. We placed our helmets about our beautiful locks and pulled on our royal breastplate. After tucking our toes into our appendage protectors we headed to our chariot of warmness. We took off for our long trot down the wet winding road. A dome of silver about us whisking the windy, rainy weather form our faces. Through the darkness and fog a small habitation appeared. For love and bravery we left our chariot and entered the habitation. The tall keeper of the coins smiled and welcomed us to come. The older and wiser one called to me and I turned to behold the glazed gobbles of glory.  “Your abode could be filled with the warm flow of energy producing fluid of deliciousness.” she said “If only we could find a way to persuade the tall keeper of the coins to let us travel onward with the goblets of glory in tow.” “I have not brought the tender of which he requires.” I replied “I have brought barter from afar” replied the older and wiser. “I will negotiate your future”  The older and wiser stepped up to the counter placing the glazed goblets of glory on top of the sideways plank. The tall keeper of the coins requested shaved trees from the treasury of nations. The older and wiser removed the trees from her pouch of purpose and said “here are my spoils from my last conquest.” The glazed gobbles of glory will keep young eyes wide as she partakes in the brewed bean juice.” The trade was made, the future set. We walked out of the habitation and back into our chariot of warmness to continue on our journey.

After making a distance of a rock tossed by a turtle , we sent a bird a fly to request the desire from the Knights of Katlian. Upon the return of the tweet tweet we entered the castle of Mr. Donald and received the desire of the Knights. Through the deep of night we prevailed up to the castle to share our spoils and refresh our earthly homes.

This was our adventure. One like none other. (AKA we went for a drive, bought mugs and ice cream before returning home to our husbands.)

This is an excerpt from my kitchen journal.


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