About me section and biographies are always a trick for me as talking about myself is not my thing. But to give you a general idea of who is writing these posts I’ll give you a general run down.

I’m, let’s say older then 25. Married to my wonderful husband for over 11 years. I’ve traveled the US and a few countries. I feel privileged for every opportunity I’ve experienced including the ones packaged in frustration, hurt and irritation.

The biggest love of my life is the Lord Jesus Christ. I first encountered Him when I was just a young kid. His love has enabled me to ride out every storm since then.

Starting this blog is my attempt to share His love to those who might hear. Please send me a message here or on A Journey to Fire Facebook page if you have any questions or areas you’d like prayer.


Blog Categories I’ll be writing:

1) Proximity: Building relationship with Lord.
2) My Story: Here is where I will be sharing stories from my walk with the Lord.
(Psalms 107:2)
3) Random Entries: A space for all the random entries


Happy Reading


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